Paddy Pimblett's Tour of Liverpool! From his MMA debut to fighting at Anfield!

Publicado em 28 Ago 2021
Paddy Pimblett is Liverpool born and raised. Ahead of his UFC debut, the Baddy gives us a tour of his home city from the site of debut at 16 to his lover of Liverpool football club and fighting at Anfield.

Watch Paddy Pimblett's debut on UFC Fight Night: Brunson v Till on September 4th from 7pm on BT Sport 2 HD.

Additional footage from OMMAC and Cage Warriors/UFC Fight Pass.

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  • “Lad once I get knocked out a few times, I’m gonna end up working on all the doors in Liverpool’s worst pubs n clubs lad” “Yeah lad is right lad head doorman lad”

  • Great paddy Liverpool is great

  • True nutjob- in the nicest sense. Good luck Patrick mate

  • Hope he turns out like Conor!

  • UFC lets do Paddy vs Islam Makhachve ... It will be good show as both of them are grapplers.

  • This guy is going to beat alot of people. Very dangerous skills

  • This guy is very likable, he comes across as super authentic and genuine! I have respect and admiration for him!

  • looks like the blond messi

  • He’s a real life Austin Powers character.

  • I love him. but wtf is he saying?

  • And to think Will, Simon and Neil thought he was bullshitting when he said was a schoolboy MMA champ (his uncle lived next door to Frank Bruno)

  • Something tells me Paddy has heard of a certain Irish fighter before.

  • More of a character than a fighter….. I needs a lot of work.

  • Is he Brittish or Irish ?

    • Scouse they are their own breed 🤣

  • And here I am today Nathan chicken Thompson

  • I like the fact he doesn’t wanna be english 😂 he must have irish or welsh or Scottish in him

  • Big up the Paddy .. ✅ Lets have the next step..

  • What's that weird throat sound he keeps making? like a Scotts man but its unintentional??

  • I love that gym, honest it's exactly what I want

  • Scouse not English ✊🚩

  • Well the place already has the statue 9:24 Paddy jumping for someone's neck lol

  • 100% top lad! 110% confidence! Well in kidda !

  • This guy's overrated he hasn't fought anybody yet 🤣

  • Not sure if he'll be another hype job but he's definitely got the gab.

  • Lads me goin bonkers bruh

  • cool ouk!

  • I wanna hear him say Ringo’s line from Yellow Submarine, “I’ve got a hole in me pocket”

  • "cos im not a wool lad" hahahaha boss!

  • Fighting at 49 years ? Nedved is a beast !

  • I wish him well in the ufc but what’s with the anti English?

  • Is Liverpool Scottish?

  • he didn't skip leg day

  • Anyone else can’t stand nick or is it just me. Thinks he’s the boy when he’s a bad sausage

  • Mediocre wrestling, Mediocre striking

  • Paddy reminds me so much of Jay from Inbetweeners!

  • All I can see and hear is a scouse Jay from the inbetweeners

  • Not every scouser says scouse not English By the way

  • So is saying “lad” all the time the equivalent of saying “man” all the time? Because I can relate to that, man.

  • UFC’s completed it mate

  • На каком языке он говорит

  • Best of luck Paddy.

  • DC said it best Paddy is a young Owen Hart. The resemblance is insane.

  • Bet he sells some good lemo

  • Jay has come on loads since inbetweeners

  • Currently typing this while in nursing school. I’ll be back here in a few years when Paddy is headlining at Amfield stadium

  • I have been to Anfield on a packed European night BUT 60,000 fight fans will even better! Looking forward to that remix with Jamie Webster as well!

  • The little lid in the Barca kit in the background has got a hell of a left on him.. is is!

  • Jay has done well for himself since leaving inbetweeners

  • Scouse Not English, legend Paddy❤️

  • Good future but anti Brit vibe daft

  • needs to learn to tuck his chin in or he’ll never be world champion.

  • YNWA

  • Why does he consider himself a scouser and not English? Genuine question.

  • He says Scoucers don’t get knocked out, I think Terry Etim might disagree

    • Darren Till might have something to say too.

  • Same place the Beatles came from huh 🤔

  • Go on paddy lad love it

  • Sweet Caroline will always be the best walkout song and Paddy should continue it.

  • Jay from the inbetweeners

  • This accent is gross. Guuuna bay aye disloyk four mey! rrrrrrrrrrrrtttttttttttt

  • I am just a casual fan of UFC, and I'm well jealous of everyone who has known about Paddy since back in the day, I missed right out. I'm not a proper fan of MMA so only found out about him yesterday. Jealous.

  • Let's go Paddy 💪🏻 YNWA

  • A true inspiration

  • 1st round ko in the ufc. 🔥 performance

  • Well done Paddy stay humble and work hard.

  • This dude got rocked lol he lucky he didn't get knocked

  • This guy is such a character, he looks fun AF


  • Come along way since inbetweeners.

  • They call him a snitch in local circles.

  • Jay from in-betweens wasnt such a liar after all 🤣🤣🤣 ufc completed it mate

    • Knocked everyone out in thailand 😂😂😂

  • He won his debut by first round ko 💯 however he almost got kod and keeps his chin in the air.. not good

  • Already a most popular UFC star in my book

  • Patty the pimple LMFAO 😆😅

  • Was Jimmy Savile spreading his seed around in the mid 90's?

  • Liverpool accent is very different UK accent

  • They’re hyping this guy way too much

  • Love paddy

  • He looks like a young Owen heart

  • conor v paddy,When conor returns?

  • cmon paddy,he in my acca lol

  • Paddy looks like one of those blokes Shrek scared off at the beginning of the first movie

    • underrated comment

  • He lad seems lad like lad a sound lad

  • Lets get it Lad! YNWA ❤️

  • We love paddy! From London!

  • All the best paddy stink them up

  • Deluded.

  • Wait, were they speaking engliish?

  • I love that his past highlight clips have this "Beetles Mania" Vibe to it

  • Look at a map Paddy, Liverpool is part of England and always will be. Scouse and English.

  • As long as he doesn’t turn into a heel, he’s a real likeable bloke

    • He is called the baddy after all.

    • That's basically it just see who he turns into with money but honestly he's had a lot of professional success as it is and he seems humble I mean humble as in knows when to turn the gimmick off a lot of people don't

  • He doesn't look much like a fighter. But, judging by the hype, he must be a rather good one, too.

  • Paul “2 Teles” Kelly is THE Greatest fighter to come out of the Great City of Liverpool. Shea Neary the next and Derry Mathews the next. Honourable mentions to Paul Hodkinson, Andy Holligan and the wonderful Smith family.

  • can’t stand him

  • Hes gonna be a good 100 percent

  • All the best bruv 👍

  • I wish he’d stop using the word lad after everything, bit annoying. On a further note I keep thinking it’s Owen Wilson fighting.

  • Wish this the best of luck 🇮🇪

  • Can’t think of any 155 top 10 that wouldn’t beat him. If he’s fed scrap for two years he might do something but if he’s fired in the deep end he’s in trouble.

  • He looks like a 12 year old in a cornflakes cereal advert from the 70’s. I was willing to forgive this until he said he’s Scouse, not English and I’m like byyyye lad 🤣

  • Lad