Giga Chikadze wants Max Holloway next! 👀

Publicado em 28 Ago 2021
Following his win over Edson Barboza in the UFC Fight Night main event, Giga Chikadze is now eyeing a showdown with former UFC featherweight champion, Max Holloway!

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  • Good fight, but I dont think Giga gets through Max. Max hasnt been tested against a kicker like Giga, but forward pressure and volume, which Max is known for, would do wonders against this type of style

  • Zabit or Alex are the only guys who can take Giga. He'd starch Max and Brian

  • Giga showed some weakness to the body, max has excellent body shots. If max can close the distance giga will be in done in under 3 rounds.

  • Giv him Calvin catar max is. Already deserves his shot he Should actually Be champion again already this man needs to beat atleast a couple more good names

  • Max will F him up!

  • He doesnt deserve max. Wtf max has been through it all. this dudes beats Edson and comments are agreeing with matching with holloway? What a joke. If anything that Clown Yair Rodriguez should have to fight Giga. That dudes Yair pull from fights for over 3 years smh.

    • Giga was really active most of his opponents turn down fights if they give him max that wouldn't be wrong he fought like 4 times in last year and was begging for top guys but now he can't be denied

    • Nah not yet but he will tho. He should fight zombie next and fight max after he beats him.

    • Exactly what I’m thinking, Giga a great Kickboxer and beating Barboza makes him legit but it doesn’t make sense to give him Max at all, he’s a threat definitely, but if he wants a title shot I say he stays away from Max. Max would murder him for 5 straight rounds and rearrange his face🤣

  • GIGA CHikADze

  • Would be a good fight but Max will glide through this fight

  • max would smoke him

    • Why didn't he smoke Volk ?

  • Not ready for Max yet, maybe a Kalvin Kattar or Dan Ige but not Max bro!!

  • Kataie koh nung mumbal umbal koh di max

  • this guy is the real deal

  • He is too good at hitting and not being hit. HIs striking is somethiing else.. He can legit outstrike Max.. Ppl should take him seriously..

    • @Anton Jensen giga is way better striker than Kattar

    • bro max pressures people and has insane endurance giga was gassing out and slowing down

    • people said kattar would too

  • He wants Max, The Korean Zombie wants Max as well. So conclusion Giga vs The Korean Zombie. Winner gets Max

    • @Obito Nohara boi Max got robbed in the 2 nd fight with Alex and beat the Breaks out of Ortega , Ortega was Max’s punching bag

    • Giga would absolutely BRUTALIZE zombie lmao it’s not even close

    • @Armando Arellano not a trilogy with Alex, if Ortega wins then Max deserves that fight after Yair

    • Yeah but if max beats Yair he deserves the tittle shot

  • He really doesn’t want Max, he may have been told to call him out but he doesn’t want that at all! Max would pick him apart and leave him with permanent damage

    • @Callum Dryden Well. One thought that Fabricio Verdum would beat Fedor Emelianenko but he did so no worries; it's a fight everything can happen

    • @Temo Izoria not a hater just simply dont believe giga will beat him.

    • @Callum Dryden We are Georgians so it is possible to come back to this comment in one year time, we just hate haters 😄😄😄

    • @Callum Dryden Couldn't even whoop Volk.

    • @Giorgi Chelidze imagine being that desperate for attention ypur gonna come back in like 1 years time cause we all know its gonna be atleast a year before giga gets the shot then a year before he fights again after max whoops him.

  • Chikadze rocked Barboza then rocked the microphone straight after, highly impressive performance from Giga and puts his name in the mouth of everyone now when talking about the elite guys of the featherweight division. Well done Giga, great performance.

  • I think Max would out strike him.

  • I think he becomes Tera Chikadze since now. Good job

  • Sad to see barbosa losing that much lately

  • Would be a great fight for sure 👊

  • Max dominates him

    • @luka Giga is only slightly better at boxing than Kattar but yes he has better kicks than Max but Max’s cardio and chin is too much for anybody to handle. I see Max dominating

    • @L giga is definitely better boxer than Kattar and also better kicker than max, he got speed too and against max it will be another kickboxing match, max will not try to take giga down. Giga definitely got advantages except cardio which is question still but I think giga can definitely win that fight

    • Not true. We’ll see tho.

    • @Nikhil Meel I thought Giga would beat Barboza but Max is completely different and he’s too good right now. It will be like the Kattar fight

    • Yeah and Barboza was gonna show him the "levels" to this