Ariel Helwani meets Damian Priest | Working with Bad Bunny and his incredible run in 2021

Publicado em 31 Ago 2021
Ariel Helwani sat down with the new United States Champions Damian Priest, a man on the run of his life. From making his debut in the Royal Rumble to teaming with Bad Bunny at WrestleMania and now going undefeated in singles competition, Priest is one of the fastest rising stars on .

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  • I was just thinking if wwe ever turned him heel WWE should have him speak his native Spanish all time for his heel run kinda like how wwe had Apollo crews speak in the Nigerian accent but kinda a good way for Damien priest to represent his Spanish roots

    • @black guanábana hmmm good question I have not thought about that I was originally thinking of him not needing one since Apollo crews is now speaking in his cringey Nigerian accent and he is currently doing that with no translator and we had something similar with Shinsuke Nakamura when he began speaking Japanese after he turned heel with no translator but maybe I'm thinking bad bunny could come back to WWE and be his translator since him and bad bunny had been Best Friends Since they both worked together at WrestleMania

    • Who will be his translator, is the question. Cause obviously he’ll need it for others to follow the story.

  • Cool cat

  • He is a star! Great guy .Hope wwe champ soon🏹🙌🏻

  • Punishment Martinez

  • 🏹🏹🧡

  • does anyone get rock vibes from him

  • Damian Priest is the complete package: great wrestler, has confidence, cool voice, speaks English and Spanish, has presence, etc.

  • I feel everything he says, he's an inspiration. Love his work.

  • This guy has the “it” factor. Haven’t seen this in a long time with anyone in WWE. Let’s hope they don’t screw him up. He’s 38. There isn’t time to waste with him.

    • @Skiitzo T2F He was a really good heel before WWE, I like his face run so far in WWE but wouldn’t mind him turning heel again sometime in the future

    • @Skiitzo T2F he was a pretty good heel in NXT when he debuted. Pete Dunn put him on low key

    • I got a feeling once he turns heel, he’s really gonna take off

    • @Tanuj something special

    • What's meaning of 'it' factor??

  • The Rock + Roman Reigns = Damian Priest

  • Love this dude. He’s Roman reigns but with a personality and charisma. He hits all the demographics. Latino , white , black. He has that rock vibe about him. Star qualities.

  • Ariel didnt ask him his pay?

  • Seems like a genuine guy, hope he becomes WWE champ soon

    • I think he might. I think it will be Lashley vs Orton at extreme rules (I think Lashley would retain), then Lashley faces Priest for the championship at Survivor Series and Priest wins

  • Wow Damian is extremely likable and genuine. Great interview

  • Do people even actually care about pro wrestling interviews ? It’s basically the same as interviewing a movie actor innit ?

    • Still more likeable than douchebag mma fighters lmfao

    • always a dumb comment to be found

    • This video has over 6 thousand views. Of course people care.

    • Innit bruv

    • @Emriko Rex They're both put together.


    • @Heroes Workshop Valid take

    • Don’t actors do interviews before their movie premieres? Both are fiction and scripted.

    • @Cisco Perez How is it weird?

    • Brock lesner was a so-called actor right? It's not like he was UFC heavyweight champ or something

  • He is like 38 years old now so isn't the youngest of talent. Don't see him being around for anymore than 5 years.

    • 38 is young in wrestling

    • @Nigel B. fax

    • I agree. It’s time to go ahead and pull the trigger on him. Hopefully Vince doesn’t mess it up.

    • @Dana Ngannou bobby lashley is an exception both those other 2 are for the money

    • @eleodoro de la fuente it’s not about the botches it’s the fact they’re still out there, and like another commentator said, what about Bobby Lashley?