Derek Brunson on going blonde and the Meme war with Darren Till!

Publicado em 2 Set 2021
Derek Brunson speaks to Adam Catterall as he prepares to face Darren Till on Saturday. Brunson is looking to continue his winning streak and get a title shot and rematch against Israel Adesanya or Robert Whittaker.

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  • Don't be surprised if Brunson gets the W against Till. Mark my words, Brunson is gonna take the fight to Till.

  • I always want to see Darren win, but I feel he's looking past Brunson. Who's cardio will hold up for 5 rounds? We will see 👀

  • How do I set up my BRdown channel? Please help me. I need your help to turn my channel into a star. The hardest thing about BRdown is collecting subscribers.

  • Why does the right thumbnail look like Deji? 🤔

  • Anyone else see a blonde Bones Jones in the thumbnail?

  • I like Brunson

  • Nice guy our Derek isn't he

  • I got Brunson FTW. He's an all rounder. I do like Till but I like Brunson more for this match and can't wait for the match up.

  • Hard fight for Till

  • BT sports are absolutely killing it with the MMA coverage, Adam Catterall is such a pro. Dan Hardy on breakdowns, Ariel Helwani on interviews, Bisping all over. Even bringing in big John Fury and Darren Till on the regular. Love it!

  • Derek is a top fighter understands the game, respect! But gotta back till I hope he’s gonna put on a show

  • Game over for brunson after this loss coming till will over power him

    • That proved untrue, Brunson had more strength.

  • I'm watching this because adam is cool af, brunson has literally no charisma whatsoever

  • Where is this fight taking place

  • I'm all out rooting for till of course but man brunson seems like such a nice guy

  • Kind of hope Brunson gets a title shot guys been around for years just feel like he’s earned a shot out of respect

    • So did Whittaker but he’s getting a rematch

    • Be pointless tho as he already lost to Izzy badly

  • No mate. Just No.

  • Win or lose he must get an opportunity at izzy again sooner rather than later. If Till wins and he goes on to face izzy, i want Brunson to face Costa as a number one contender fight.

    • @Lyal Minchinton izzy is beating Rob no questions asked.

    • What about Rob Whittaker?

  • Brunson seems like a sound guy. I agree with Ayyaz. Always enjoy Adam Catteralls interviews.

  • Derek Bruncheon

  • Brunsons funny guy I want Till to win But if Brunson makes a good statement I wouldn't be mad

  • The man turns his comments off he’s already lost that meme war n he’s getting “smeshed” the blert

  • More time in the spotlight and I'm starting to be a huge fan of Brunson!!!!!

  • Genuine dude 👍

  • Northern invasion la gonna be a f*cking belter of a weekend. Up the North!😁🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿💪🏻🐎🥊🍻👑

    • Laaaaaa

    • @David Smith Not all of the northerners fighting on Saturday are scousers

    • Scouse not English 💯😉

  • The Dennis Rodman of mma

  • If he fought izzy ever in the future the result wont change.

    • @fvgc454ss Jan isn’t even a wrestler, just a whole different weight class. Brunson is an elite wrestler

    • @Safran ahmed idk Holland had him rocked a few times pretty easily until taken down. Brunson isn't Jan

    • With good wrestling he can

  • Think that till will just be too much for him, with his takedown defence especially, but I still think brunson could catch him with something big

  • Bald Brunson is about to be the next stage.

  • Am a till guy all day But can't diss DB even though he's a retired cheerleader haha YNWA

  • Adam is best interviewer in the sport right now.

    • @Dank Rhino I’ll give it a look bro

    • Try out submission radio, those boys got a good show

    • 100% best interviewer

    • @More Plates More Nates that’s fine bro, each to their own opinion, Bisping is great too

    • I'd rather see Bisping interviewing fighters, the respect is clear to see

  • Love Till but I think he might struggle here. Can see him avoiding a lot of takedowns, but can see Brunson getting one a round which is all he needs.

    • @TheInfiltrator101 he is deluded thinking he is a MMA superstar, he is clinging onto his fanbase not with fighting but with taking selfies of his Mrs and weak banter online. He is not even the best fighter in his gym, let alone the UK which only has like

    • @TheInfiltrator101 especially after pulling out of fights with jack and vettori earlier.

    • It’s a must win for Till really. Most of his most recent fights have been losses.

    • @Justin Ejimah but one takedown a round is enough for Brunson to be beating on Till for 3-4 minutes a round

    • till is always overtrained, hes got worse

  • Darren's chin can't handle clean punches from Brunson. It's a shame because Darren is technically a better fighter...

    • @Lyal Minchinton it's great being right :)

    • @Ryan B good call. But it’s a two horse race.👌🏽

    • @fvgc454ss brunson won

    • @Ryan B Brunson is getting dusted

    • @kenan samuel the punch masvidal landed on till would put ANYONE in the division out. Till is 61-0 in muay thai and 18-3 in mma and everyone acts like hes got a glass chin. Anyone can get caught

  • Post Izzy Brunson is looking great. New camp/coach has definitely paid off. His Edmden win was violent. Looking forward to this scrap.

    • @Justin Ejimah Usman isn’t boring at all..

    • Till seems like all hype, I feel Brunson will smash him

    • @Dana Bright in technique obviously on the feet but Brunson is better than vettori in stand up and can mix it up…

    • @Khuraym doesn't matter. wont get and hold Izzy down and on the feet is Izzy levels above him

    • @Khuraym honestly the only way i can see brunson winning against izzy would be doing what jan did but jan could comfortably stand with izzy for 3 rounds i cant see brunson do that

  • That's called cultural appropriation and it's offensive to blonde people almost as extinct as red heads.......

    • @Darrel Denver ❄

    • @Mr Tally Man 🍌 That's similar to others who question crime stats, they hope they keep buying second amendment toys because they take care of themselves real nice.

    • @Darrel Denver I hope he keeps the blonde hair

    • @Mr Tally Man 🍌 That's how waycists act...

    • I think he can color his hair whatever he wants

  • Doesn’t get past Darren

  • Excited for this match up both fighters are game, let’s go!

  • First to comment but not first to view

    • Wow this guy is the goat for that 😮