Tom Aspinall wants UFC Heavyweight Gold and a role in Coronation Street!

Publicado em 31 Ago 2021
Nick Peet speaks to surging British heavyweight Tom Aspinall ahead of his fight against Serghey Spivak on Saturday night.

Aspinall discusses the state of the heavyweight division, his patient approach to stardom and his dreams of becoming an actor on Coronation Street.

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  • This lad is a class act. Very humble.

  • Out of the new fighters from Liverpool that fought the other night he was the most impressive and Paddy was the Least, yet Paddy gets all the views because he so mouthy

  • Something about the way he fights, so technically smooth 🔥

  • If he fights Ngannou he'll go back to scouser land without a head. 😂

  • Great performance tonight a big star in the making

  • Top fella

  • Cyril Gann will be heavy weight champ, mark my words.

  • I find it so bizarre how Pimblett has so much hype but Tom has more. I could legitimately see Tom being a heavyweight champion after he gets a bit more experience

  • He's a very likeable bloke. I hope he goes even further than he already has in this sport because he's clearly a good lad and a quality fighter.

  • The future off heavyweight

  • No wayyy his pals with chesney from correy😂😂😂

  • He could go in to boxing now and win a British title what am I hearing here 😂😂😂 6:50

  • He has the skills and the attitude. Best of luck Tom

  • Tom's great, perfect example of the difference between scousers and mancs lol he's more chilled

  • As a Hull FC fan we’ll have Tom on the team for sure, would be an animal of a prop

  • Guy has some speed he moves like a middle weight

  • I can't imagine him beating Francis

  • I'm a fan of Tom's his hype will come with a dash too the title. When he's ready 👊

  • Sounds like a Wigan accent 😂 Go on Tom lad.

    • @ATK 86 fair enough

    • @Jack Turner Wrong. He's from Atherton, outskirts of Wigan Jack 👍🏽

    • Think he’s from Moss Side

  • great attitude to the fight game, happy to go at his own pace instead of thinking he's something he's not. Refreshing.

  • His dry humor is amazing 😂

  • Tom is double the size of Nick, like hes talking to his son lol

  • Decent dude does not want to push himself too early which is creditable. Champion material right there.

  • Who is he fighting

  • Tom reminds me somewhat of Russel Crowe. Looking forward to all of his fights :-)

  • Proper level headed lad, hope he goes all the way to the top. He’s got the talent just hope he has that killer mentality 👍🏼

    • He's taking everyone out!...

  • Mate I honestly thought that was Nick Diaz when the thumbnail popped up 😅

  • If jimmy crute ever moves up that would be a fun fight

  • He's checking his watch to see if its nap time!!! |

  • Can’t wait to see the next fight. Tbh guy doesn’t look no bigger than Till haha fair play. Thought he was at least light heavy

  • That HW top 7 is scary: Ngannou Gane Miocic Lewis Blaydes Volkov Rozenstruik

  • Genuine good guy. Hope he does well in his career.

  • Hopefully 1 day soon..And new ufc heavyweight Champion of the world!!!!

  • A role in coronation street.. Wtf

  • 🇬🇧

  • What a good bloke 👊🏾

  • He is gonna be on the top very soon!

  • Future world champion ladies and gents.

  • Is there ever a day she doesn’t tell Peter how irresponsible he is 🤷🏼‍♀️ |

  • Tom looks like nick Diaz

  • Not been this excited for a ufc card in a minute

  • tom is a great guy and fighter take your time mate

  • Great interview as always @nickpeet , Tom is so level headed and chilled, knows exactly what he wants , and will take his time and not be rushed too soon to get what he wants 👊

  • On the road to the top bro most definitely

  • I'm just happy the main card starts at 9pm uk time

  • Guy goes into Corrie and Ken Barlow ends his career early

    • @ConfusedOilPainter 😂😂😂

    • @ConfusedOilPainter ken knows aikido

    • He would 100% tap Ken barlow, ken has zero ground game

  • Guy wouldn't win a British boxing title come off it 😂😂

  • 💯 future champ and hall of famer

  • Kaobon been churning animals out for years now, absolute years. Now Paul Rimmer at Next Gen got Paddy the baddy and a few others, Liverpool is flying with fighters. Amazing city.

  • More chance of mcgregor getting sober

  • I love that bullshit dont care what people think .. il fight when I'm ready, other mma fighters say they want the best right now knowing they ain't taking the fight if it was delivered ... or most of them know there not getting the fight but just say it ....

  • At this rate I can see a full British take over in the UFC Jack Shore BW Arnold Allen FW Paddy Pimblett LW Leon Edwards WW Darren Till MW Tom Aspinall HW I think most of these are winning gold in the future!

    • @Billy Cain I don’t think MMA fans class a takeover as they have to have loads of fighters I’m pretty sure most see it as a champion based thing that’s why it’s called a takeover otherwise the Brazilians and American would be classed as that 24/7

    • @A G There is no African takeover either that's just hype. There are hardly any top African fighters in the UFC. It's actually a bit of a miracle there are any African champions at all. It's not a takeover just 3 very talented individuals.

    • @Billy Cain we are never going to have the same amount of top level fighters as most of those countries we are tiny in comparison and not as much put into it but that doesn’t mean if those guys get a belt it’s not a takeover

    • @Billy Cain Okay but say those for are all champions how is that not a take over usman izzy and Francis are considered a African take over so if that’s not one what classes as a take over?

    • We can dream...

  • Should move down to light heavyweight if he don’t want to get knock out by Francis 😂

    • @Craig Foy we shall see in the future

    • @Jamaican Boyz I think that Tom’s very quick and will use movement to get out of the 1st round n then as nnganou misses Tom will then wrestle him then there is no contest then n gane I think is good but I think it will come down to grappling again he won’t be able to handle him

    • @Craig Foy I’m joking about the weight but he would get kod in the first round but Francis he would get out pointed buy gane also

    • How hell can he move down to light heavyweight he’s massive and when Tom fights nnganou he’ll beat him

  • He'd be the perfect friend/training partner. kaobon have an amazing team

  • Top lad is tom i hope he does well 👊🏼

  • The dark horse of the HW division

  • People are sleeping on this guy. Good luck!

  • One of toms biggest fans for a while now, I can see him going far in the ufc

    • @Khuraym honestly they move like welterweights it’s mad

    • Only has to touch the heavyweights he’s massive !

    • Forget ufc, I wanna see him going far in Corrie!

    • Another big supporter of Tom n all, he's a serious talent who's wise beyond his years. Love this guy.

    • Yeah him and gane show crazy movement at HW

  • Nick peat ruins these interviews

  • Jimmy hill vibes😭😭

  • UFC champ in the making

  • He's smart

  • He looks like the guy with the massive chin off lazy town

  • This guy is a class act. Got great hands, sounds and looks like something from max and paddy's Road to nowhere. Digging it.

    • @Scutchy yeah so its got max and paddy plus all the other guys

    • @valhallan19 it’s Phoenix Nights spin off

    • @Liam Nicholson how can it be better than phoenix nights??

    • must be a brit thing

    • @Liam Nicholson Amen.

  • Hard to become a star in ufc because there are fights every weekend. When fights were twice a month contenders with impressive wins got a lot of hype. Not so much anymore.

  • Hark Ye Hark Ye! Behold The Chin Of All Chins, The Crimson Jaw Of The West, The Mightiest Of Lower Heads, The Headquarters Of Goatee's, The Most Sensational Of Southern Craniums, The Ultimate Under Skull, The Neck Beard Denier and The Bane Of Free Men Across The Plains.

  • I don't think he should be in heavyweight he's to small he might make 205

    • Are u on drugs mate he’s massive he’s one of the biggest heavyweights and he’s lean

    • He manhandled arlovski wym

    • He cuts down to 255lbs 🤦‍♂️

    • @Ant Trails Fr no chance he could make 205

    • He is massive mate lol too big for LW

  • I feel like he’s going to run into a wrestler & it’s going to be a big test for him. I hope he past that test because I love his style. I want to see him fight Marcin Tybura next if he wins

    • @Davey h Andy aspinall Toms dad is an amazing Bjj coach he’s been teaching Tom since he was very young

    • I he gets took down he’ll submit then or sweep them nobody will be able to handle his bjj

    • Fun fact... Tom's dad was the first man in the UK to hold a bjj black belt, he's better on the ground than standing apparently

    • @7W-1L-2NC Yeah but this dude has good BJJ francis had nothing

    • He supposedly has really good BJJ and takedown defence his dads some BJJ champion who is meant to have been great. So he might suprise people when it goes there.

  • Next UK Champ if Allen & Shore take thier time imo .

    • @L to be fair Tom aspinal is a black belt in BJJ and has been grappling longer than he's been boxing

    • @A338 :) And if Jones takes him down he’s done and he can’t strike with with Stipe, Jones, Gane or Ngannou🤣

    • @A338 :) Fun Fact : Stipe got hit by 36 significant Stikes before going out cold in the Rematch ,Tom never has been in a war and Stipe got put out twice before the Francis bout (Struve & DC )

    • @Ryan 'The Average Man' Spann if francis catches him he's done

    • @L Aspinall in 2years RNC Francis easy & Jon will never fight at HW . Gane is the only one to really give Tom problems.

  • Didn't ask

    • Then Why Click The Video ?

    • O L HNn..

  • First

    • Explain more

    • @hh hh what do u mean

    • Was it difficult coming out to your dad?