Fight Week: Brunson v Till Live Weigh-Ins | Michael Bisping, Adam Catterall, and Nick Peet react!

Publicado em 3 Set 2021
Watch the Fight Week live weigh-in show as Michael Bisping, Adam Catterall, and Nick Peet provide live coverage and analysis as Darren Till and Derek Brunson hit the scales.

Till is one of a number of British fighters in Vegas, along with Tom Aspinall, Molly McCann, Jack Shore, Modestas Bukauskas and Paddy Pimblett who makes his UFC debut.

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  • Bisping is great like this, great in his podcast, but probably the worst commentator, miles behind the likes Cruz, Felder, DC etc.,

    • Felder?????!!!!!!

  • Time stamps!!


  • How do I set up my BRdown channel? Please help me. I need your help to turn my channel into a star. The hardest thing about BRdown is collecting subscribers.

  • Nice to see the UFC is promoting communism

  • The parched collar biomechanically knit because nitrogen energetically lick past a reflective april. fearful fearless, zonked agreement

  • Paddy looks on point 👌 gonna make a statement 👏

  • Would been great to have Arnold Allen in this card. Him and Giga are the dark horse of featherweight

    • Giga is a top contender, not a dark horse.

  • 🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  • I know it's a special edition for the UK card, but I'd watch this every week!

    • @NCR Ranger I know, but not for regular fight nights 😔

    • They do it for the ppv’s aswell

  • Fight Metric has been doing a study on take down success in the smaller octagon, they say so far there has been no major change in takedowns landed, but they are still working on all the possible factors and probably rewatching fights.

  • Paddy’s debut is either gonna be the biggest thing in a while or the biggest let down ever 😂 either way i’m gonna watch

  • I wonder who has a smaller mouth polar bear spivac or tom Aspinal

  • What time is the fight in the uk please people

    • Main card starts at 9pm

  • Paddy Looks in incredible Shape 👍

  • This is great

  • izzy would kill them

  • Where is dan

    • Screaming at people getting fired

  • Looking forward to this card - fingers crossed for a British clean sweep!

  • Ginger guy from the berbs!!! Class Mike!

  • Please don’t tell me Adam’s connection doesn’t get any better

  • Brilliant show as always. Can’t wait until tomorrow night!

  • I love these long weigh in podcast type videos. I’m ready for the UK takeover

  • Dan Hardy screaming at women was the best thing to happen to this show. Bisping makes mma better

  • Bisping is great to listen too - professional and comedic all in one 💯🔥🔥

    • Try his podcast

  • Nearly 20 years and I still don't know how they managed to bring down WTC7.

    • Weird af rewatching it

  • So much better than ESPN!

  • Its hard to believe since hardy left but my god bisping makes it 10 times better 🤣

    • @Isaac Moosbally they're like opposite ends of presenter personalities lol hard to compare them

    • He’s great love him !! 🇲🇽

    • Hardy is a better analyst/commentator, but Bisping has more personality imo

    • I like hardy but if I have to pick between the two then there’s only one Michal Bisping

    • Never was a big hardy fan but it’d be hilarious to see the two of them together

  • Paddy the baddy. Ringo stars true son. The 5 th beatle

  • When did Tom aspinall weigh in

  • Paddy forgot to take his testosterone

  • Nice to see covid letting fighters have a break when they jump off the scales.

  • 2:10:38 Is that bisping going: "Hola?"

  • Paddy looks a fair bit smaller, mad how they weigh the same

    • @Izumabakumatsu paddy was 145 till last 4 fights. 135 amateur. Luigi has one WW fight in UFC

    • Crazier in that Paddy also had fights in WW in the regional circuits.

  • Paddy pipi is literally the best fighter in the ufc even tho he hasn't had a single fight

    • But hope he makes me look silly and smashes his way into the ufc.. but we'll have to wait n see! Good luck baddy paddy

    • Lol i see what your doing