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5:27Brunson v Till | Full final face-offs!
Brunson v Till | Full final face-offs!Visualizações 61 mil15 dias atrás


  • Fast and furious

  • His dad is class, wiping Jorge’ nose at the end 👏

  • Evil MAC address: 1C:4D:70:52:9A:18

  • Agree 100 dude runs

  • What was Franks game plan. Paw at Nicks front hand then get boxed to pieces or taken down?

  • He's giving him the maximum amount of fines to pay. That's why.

  • Doing us proud 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

  • scotish football🤔😂😂🇬🇧

  • 'the time' when Arsenal matters :D

  • Talk about coming back down to earth with a bump with Ole’s Masterclass.

  • This is MAGIC :) Chelsea :)

  • The Sunday league rookie young boys 19 shots on target and ManFred United 2

  • Which was the Manchester United team, the one with 19 shots on target or the 2 shots on target?

  • Ronaldo said no!!!!

  • 2-2 ain't good enough

  • Too sharp for Leicester City

  • The first Napoli goal was top drawer

  • Great paddy Liverpool is great

  • Im waiting to see Poirier actually use his "great ground game and grappling" effectively...dont get me wrong but has this man ever had a submission win?

  • These highlights remind me of Young Boys Vs Man Utd with 10 men.

  • Not sure what was more embarrassing; the third goal “scored” by Pelegrín’s or Mancini’s celebration 😂

  • Ref shouldn't stop this fight ffs it was like 8sec to finish round come on

  • Just seems wrong without commentary!

  • this was amazing. George had some great fights but this was always one of my favorites and Dan is a great dude so this was a real treat to see interesting to hear dan baits submissions. I've always done the same thing and my bjj coach hates it, but the quickest way for me to get out from under mount has always been offer my arm on silver platter and anticipate the attack

  • As a Chelsea fan I have to say champions league is looking very hard this yr don't know who will win it🔥

  • Two great assists by Kent and a goal for Captain Tav. Off-cycle, P.E.D free the rangers not so good at the off ball pressing and constant running.

  • Think of the dross we had back then ...... And now where we are now . Champions 55 I bet Sutton has changed his tune nowadays :-)))

  • Ngl the match changed fully as soon as Adam ounas got subbed on what a baller

  • The good ol days

  • It was so nice and respectful to see this young man give another man brain damage for money, but it was very rude and disrespectful of him to use a swear word.

  • Daka's goal should of counted, ref was diabolical, he might aswell put on a Napoli shirt.

  • The wee ginger dude after tavs own goal 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🤣

  • Delusional playing in all white. Ridiculous club and team that had five minutes in the 60's and have really nothing since

  • When he picked him up my heart dropped !

  • There's more fans at a Man City game!

  • Hang on! Wtf . Donnarumma went to PSG to sit on a bench? MVP for the euros and he sits on a bench?

  • Tbf it is unlucky Celtic. When did Celtic buy Jota from Liverpool or is this a different Jota?

  • 5:49 Love to see the slap on the head from the opposition manager

  • Nick DIaz is the embodiment of what the words PRIZE FIGHTER means

  • If Southgate saw Rice getting forward like that he’d be physically sick

  • Nick is da man 👌🏻

  • Why interviewers bullshit so much.?

  • Lmao Lesnar looking like a Level 100 Conor McGregor

  • I must say they were three lucky goals without ever really playing well for bayern Barcelona good days are gone never really rebuild 😱😬

  • Nedved knew what he was talking about😂

  • Enthralling commentary

  • Torres and Jesus are so underrated

  • lol

  • And that's why Gerrard gave the captain to hendo, he knew there was something special about him

  • This video is shorter than my life expectancy

  • Excellent analysis. BT should do this with Dan for every main event.

  • Why was the commentator dissing the second goal so much

  • Oh graham carey he's one of our own 💚

  • He should be glad he got to even play a small part. He mentioned Bellamy and Fowler and they didn’t get to play at all.

  • I'm surprised the Korean zombie didn't get knocked out with elbow. Crazy.

  • Michael Owen isn't allowed to talk about "respect".

  • Thought this was a chelsea game for a sec

  • Robbo and Milly and Hendo are my favourite Liverpool players

  • 4-3 and neither keeper even did their trademark unconvincing flap at a cross before any of the goals. How is it that Scottish football teams always seem to find a way to lose from a winning position.

  • Goal of the year handerson what a goal.


  • Why does the commentator sound like he is from the 1960's?

  • Atmosphere of a library


  • What is wrong with Ole and Lingard omg

  • Why is dec not at Manchester Utd

  • We played well enough but too much slack passing proved costly. Lyon were just too technically good on the night. It's all about points now.

  • Lesnar is Dexter rebooted.

  • Was a nice goal by Ake, but he had some shocking moments in defence there, terrible marking and not tracking runners, two of their goals could have been defended

  • It's cool to hear it without commentators!